Alexander York
Alex York
Alexander in Omen IV: The Awakening.
Portrayed By:



Unspecified (several days - months)


Known Relatives:
Satan (grandfather)
Damien Thorn (biological father; deceased)
Unnamed female leopard (biological mother; deceased)
Karen York (surrogate mother; deceased)
Eugene York (adoptive father)
Delia York (elder twin sister)

Alexander York is the biological son of Damien Thorn, the younger twin brother of Delia York and the second Antichrist.


Alexander and Delia were conceived of an unknown mother and Damien Thorn, the original Antichrist. Due to fetus papyraceus, Alexander's embryo did not develop, and was absorbed into Delia's and thus was carried inside Delia's body.

Omen IV: The AwakeningEdit

While Dr. Louis Hastings was examining Delia when she was eight, he removed the embryo of Alexander from her. Some days - weeks later, he secretly implanted the embryo into Karen York for her to serve as a surrogate mother. After nine months, Karen goes into labor one night and gives birth to Alexander at a hospital.

After some days or weeks, when Karen discovers that Alexander is the Antichrist, she goes to him and Delia with the intent of killing them.
Alex Delia

Alexander with his elder twin sister, Delia.

However, Karen is unable to bring herself to shoot Alexander, and so instead shoots herself; leaving Alexander free to grow up to become the new Antichrist.

Gene takes Alexander to Karen's funeral.


  • It is unknown who Alexander's biological mother is, but it is probable that it is Kate Reynolds, and that Delia and Alexander were conceived as a result of Kate's night with Damien.