Barbara Dean
Barbara under Damien's control in The Final Conflict.
Portrayed By:



Unspecified (Early 30s - Early 40s)


Known Relatives:
Harvey Pleydell Dean (husband; deceased)
Dean Jr. (son; deceased)

Barbara was the wife of Harvey Dean and the mother of Dean Jr.


Barbara was married to Harvey Pleydell Dean and conceived a child with him.

The Final ConflictEdit

Barbara attends a meeting of the UN Youth Council with Harvey after Harvey's superior Damien Thorn becomes the Youth Council's new president.

In the afternoon of March 23, Barbara goes into labour and gives birth to a son, Dean Jr., shortly after midnight on the morning of March 24.

Over the following week, when baby boys throughout the country start mysteriously and horribly dying, Barbara becomes worried and concerned about Dean Jr., but Harvey dismisses it.

Some days later, while Harvey is at work at the American Embassy, Father De Carlo visits Barbara; warning her that Damien Thorn is the Antichrist, that Dean Jr., being one of the children born on the night of Christ's Second Coming is in danger, and that Harvey is the one who coordinated the massacre of the other children. When Barbara finds Harvey's paperwork and records, they confirm that De Carlo is telling the truth.

When Harvey returns home from work, Barbara is left devastated and enraged at what her husband has done, and afraid and upset for Dean Jr. The next day, while Harvey is at work, a Hellhound arrives and causes Barbara to see Dean Jr. as a burnt monstrosity and to fall under Damien's control.

Barbara then kills Dean Jr. with a hot iron, and when Harvey comes home she attacks him with the iron; burning his face and killing him. It is unknown what happened to Barbara afterwards.


Harvey Pleydell DeanEdit

Barbara and Dean initially appeared to be a happily married couple. After Barbara discovered what Dean had done, she became enraged and upset with him, threatening to torture him if he came near Dean Jr.