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PaulKBisson PaulKBisson 17 March 2019

The First Omen?

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter broke news that a prequel to The Omen was coming from 20th Century Fox. Appropriately titled The First Omen, it’s being produced by David Goyer and Kevin Turen through their Phantom Four production company and a script has already been written by Ben Jacoby. Antonio Campos is in talks to direct. Now… I don’t know who Jacoby is and I haven’t seen anything by Campos or Turen. But I’m sure we’re all familiar with Goyer. Initially, I assumed the news was about Platinum Dunes finally gaining some traction on the Omen remake that Bloody Disgusting reported on in 2014. But no – this is really about a prequel!

And I’m shocked. More so than I was about the Damien announcement. I mean, a prequel? How much story is …

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