Dr. Charles Warren
Charles at the Thorn residence in Damien - Omen II.
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Unspecified (Mid 30s - Mid 40s)


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Dr. Charles Warren was a good friend of Richard Thorn, and the curator of the Thorn Museum. He went insane when he discovered that Damien Thorn was the Antichrist, and was later killed.


Damien - Omen IIEdit

When Thorn Industries excavates several ancient artifacts from the ruins of Tel Megiddo, Charles has dinner with Ann, Richard and Marion to discuss them.

The next day, while Charles is telling Ann about Yigael and his Wall at the Thorn Museum, Charles' friend Joan Hart arrives to interview Ann. Richard then calls Charles, furious with her, and Joan abruptly leaves moments later; leaving Charles and Ann confused.

The day after Mark's birthday party, Charles attends a game of ice hockey on the frozen lake by the Thorn residence. During the game, Bill Atherton falls through the ice and is killed.

Some days later, when Carl Bugenhagen's box arrives at the Thorn Museum, Charles looks at it in his office. He discovers the Daggers of Megiddo inside, along with a letter from Bugenhagen to Richard, explaining that Damien is the Antichrist. Worried, afraid and unsure, Charles then rushes to the Thorn residence to tell Richard.


Charles, driven insane by the knowledge of what Damien is.

Charles goes to Richard with the letter, and Richard angrily refuses to believe it. Charles then decides to go to New York the next day to see Yigael's Wall. The next day, at New York, Charles discovers Yigael's Wall aboard a Thorn cargo carrier, and sees Damien's face on it.

Driven insane, Charles comes to greatly fear the outside world, and seeks refuge with Reverend Weston. Some days later, Richard comes and visits a terrified and incoherent Charles. Richard angrily has a frightful Charles take him to the cargo carrier where Yigael's Wall is stored, and Charles waits outside while Richard searches inside for the Wall.

When a locomotive is mysteriously activated, it pushes the cargo carrier containing Yigael's Wall forward, with a screaming Charles trapped on the front end. The carrier collides with a train carriage in front, brutally crushing Charles to death between the two.


Richard ThornEdit

Charles was good friends with Richard. After Charles began to discover that Damien was the Antichrist, Richard became more short-tempered and angry with Charles.

Ann ThornEdit

Ann and Charles were apparently good friends, and acted friendly and sarcastic to one another.

Damien ThornEdit

After Charles began to discover that Damien was the Antichrist, he began to fear him and tried to stay away from him.

Joan HartEdit

Charles was very angry with Joan when he discovered how greatly she had angered Richard.