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Dr. J. Kayne
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Dr. Kayne phoning Ben in Damien - Omen II.
Portrayed By:
Meshach Taylor



Unspecified (Mid 20s - Early 40s)


Known Relatives:

Dr. J. Kayne was a doctor at a hospital in Chicago. He was killed when he discovered that Damien Thorn wasn't human.


Damien - Omen II

When a class of cadets from Davidson Military Academy were admitted to hospital with chemical poisoning, Dr. Kayne examined them. He notices that while the other cadets are all suffering minor symptoms, Damien Thorn has been completely unaffected, and that Damien has a different cell structure.

Concerned about this, Dr. Kayne goes to Damien's uncle Richard about it, and Richard lets Dr. Kayne keep Damien in hospital a few more days to run some more tests. That night, when Dr. Kayne is examining a blood sample from Damien, he notices that Damien's cell structure resembles a jackal's. Shocked and concerned, Dr. Kayne goes up the elevator to visit Ben about it.

However, the elevator malfunctions and an elevator cable slices through the elevator; cutting Dr. Kayne in half and killing him.

Dr. Kayne is sliced in half.


  • In the credits, Dr. Kayne is credited as Dr. Kane. However, a newspaper on his death in the film gives his name as Dr. J. Kayne.