Jesus Christ
Christ appears to Damien in The Final Conflict.


2,000 (33 at time of death)


Known Relatives:
God the Father (father)

Jesus Christ, also known as the Nazarene, the Messiah, the Lion of Judah, the Child of Light, the Word, God the Son or simply the Christ, is the Son of God and the archenemy of the Antichrist.

The Omen (novelization)Edit

Some time after the birth of Damien Thorn, Christ appeared to Brennan in his dreams, telling him that he was still welcome in Heaven if he repented. Brennan ignored the dreams and they eventually stopped and he became severely riddled with cancer.

The Final ConflictEdit

It is foretold in the Book of Revelation that Christ will return to Earth to liberate it from the Antichrist; according to the prophecies, Jesus will "come forth out of the Angel Isle" (the Angel Isle" referring to Great Britain), seven years into the Antichrist's reign. After Damien becomes president of the UN Youth Council, the Second Coming of Christ occurs shortly after midnight on the morning of March 24, and three stars in the Cassiopeia Constellation converge into a second Star of Bethlehem to signal Christ's return.

File:Demian's Fate

Over a week later, when Damien is fatally stabbed in a rural ruin with one of the Daggers of Megiddo, Jesus Christ appears in the sky to Damien. Damien claims to Christ that the latter has won nothing, before dying of his wound. With the death of the Antichrist, Christ restores peace to the Earth, then vanishes.