Brother Martin
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Unspecified (Late 20s - Mid 40s)


Known Relatives:

Brother Martin was part of a group of priests from Subiaco who attempted to kill Damien Thorn.


Martin is one of six priests under Father De Carlo at the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco.

The Final ConflictEdit

When the Daggers of Megiddo arrive at the Monastery of San Benedetto, De Carlo divides them amongst himself and his six fellow priests, including Martin. The seven priests then travel to England to try and kill Damien in order to ensure the Second Coming of Christ. The group station themselves at a night refuge.

The day after the morning when the Second Coming of Christ occurred, Martin waits with Paulo at a rural ruin to ambush Damien, while Matteus lures Damien to them. However, Damien and/or his Hellhound cause Paulo and Martin to see Matteus as Damien, and thus the two attack and stab Matteus instead. When the two priests realize what they have just done, Damien's Hellhound attacks, forcing them to retreat into a space in the floor.

Martin and Paulo are trapped in the space when a grate closes over it, and Damien takes their Daggers of Megiddo and leaves them to die. Martin's fate is unknown.