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Brother Simeon
Simeon confronting Damien in The Final Conflict.
Portrayed By:
Richard Oldfield



Unspecified (Late 20s - Early 40s)


Known Relatives:

Brother Simeon was part of a group of priests from Subiaco who attempted to kill Damien Thorn.


Simeon is one of six priests under Father De Carlo at the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco.

The Final Conflict

When the Daggers of Megiddo arrive at the Monastery of San Benedetto, De Carlo divides them amongst himself and his six fellow priests, including Simeon. The group then travel to England to try and kill Damien in order to ensure the Second Coming of Christ.

The seven priests station themselves at a night refuge. Benito tries to kill Damien while he is being interviewed and is off-guard, but is killed in this failed attempt. Shortly after midnight that night, Simeon, Antonio and De Carlo travel to an observatory, where they witness a stellar alignment in the Cassiopeia Constellation which forms a second Star of Bethlehem and confirms Christ's Second Coming.

Two days later, while Damien is participating in a fox hunt, Simeon captures a fox which Antonio uses to lure Damien away from the other fox hunters and into an ambush on a bridge. Simeon and Antonio close in on Damien with their Daggers, but Damien causes Antonio's death before either can stab Damien.

Damien then takes control of the hounds being used in the fox hunt and sets them on Simeon. Before Simeon can escape, the hounds overwhelm him and eat him alive.