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Father Spiletto
Spiletto at the hospital in The Omen (2006).
Portrayed By:
Giovanni Lombardo Radice



Unspecified (Late 40s - Late 50s)


Known Relatives:

Father Spiletto was an Italian priest at a Catholic hospital, and apparently also a secret disciple of Hell. He was horribly disfigured by a fire and left mute.


Spiletto was a priest at a Catholic hospital in Rome, Italy, and was apparently also one of the secret apostates of Satan involved in the plot to deliver the Antichrist and ensure that he rose to power. When the Antichrist was born of a jackal at Spiletto's hospital at 6 AM on 6 June, the Thorn family's newborn baby was murdered to get the Antichrist adopted by the Thorns.

The Omen (2006)

When Robert Thorn comes to the hospital to see his newborn son, Spiletto explains to him that it died and lies to him that it was stillborn. He then convinces Robert to secretly switch his dead child with another, orphaned newborn. Robert ultimately agrees to this and Spiletto gives him the baby Antichrist.

At some later point during the same year, a fire destroyed the hospital. Spiletto survived the fire, but was horribly disfigured and left mute and wheelchair-bound. He was sent to the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco, and was taken in by the monks there.

Spiletto, disfigured by the fire.

Five years later, Robert and Keith Jennings come to Spiletto to find out more about the Antichrist, Damien. Robert gets Spiletto to confess, and he writes down that Damien's biological mother is buried in Cerveteri.