The Raven
The Raven outside Tel Megiddo in Damien - Omen II.



Known Relatives:

The Raven was a servant of Satan who watched over Damien Thorn and was an omen of the deaths that involved Damien.

Damien - Omen IIEdit

A week after Robert Thorn's death, when Carl Bugenhagen takes Michael Morgan with him down into the ruins of Tel Megiddo to see Yigael's Wall (where they are buried alive), the Raven is perched nearby outside the ruins.

Seven years later, the Raven comes into Marion's bedroom one night, causing her to die of a heart attack. The Raven then flies out through the bedroom's open balcony doors.

When Joan Hart realizes that Damien Thorn is the Antichrist and is left stranded on a deserted highway, the Raven appears to her. It attacks her, pecking her eyes out and leaving her blind and lying in the mud beside the road; then flies into a tree and watches as Joan is run over by a truck.


The Raven staring at Joan before attacking her.

The day after Mark's birthday party, the Raven is present at the lake by the Thorn residence, perched in a tree, when Bill Atherton drowns in the lake.


  • Some fans believe that the Raven is Satan's form on earth during the events of Damien - Omen II, while others believe that it is an animal which serves Satan and protects the Antichrist (similar to Hellhounds).