Thorn Industries' new logo following Damien's takeover.

Thorn Industries was a rich and powerful American corporation owned by the Thorn family.


The Omen (novelization)Edit

After Reginald Thorn died, his son Robert inherited the Thorn fortune from him and took over Thorn Industries.

Damien - Omen IIEdit

After Robert's death, his brother Richard took over Thorn Industries from him. Seven years later, Paul Buher tries to get Thorn Industries' board of directors to switch the company's main focus from electronics to agriculture. Richard decides to take a vacation that year after the death of (senior manager) Bill Atherton. Richard leaves Paul in charge for the time being. Paul decides to start the agricultural project and also sends Dr. Pasarian to India to try and propose the purchase of land for the project. When Richard returns and discovers this, he scolds Paul for not telling him, and warns him against disobeying the rules of company conduct again. After Richard, Ann and Mark's deaths, Damien is left heir to Thorn Industries.

The Final ConflictEdit

In 1971, Damien took over Thorn Industries and turned it into the world's largest multinational corporation over the following seven years.

Thorn Industries' original logo before Damien's takeover.

During Armageddon, due to Damien's status as head of Thorn Industries, the corporation serves as the empire of the Antichrist, "which thrives on the misfortune of others."

Omen IV: Armageddon 2000Edit


Omen V: The AbominationEdit