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The Thorn Museum was a museum in Chicago owned by Thorn Industries and curated by Dr. Charles Warren before the latter's death.

Damien - Omen II

After several ancient artefacts were excavated in Israel, they were scheduled to be sent to the Thorn Museum. After the Daggers of Megiddo are sent to the Museum and Richard Thorn discovers that his nephew Damien is the Antichrist, Richard goes to Thorn Museum to find the Daggers, and has Damien sent there as well. At the Museum, when Ann stabs Richard with the Daggers to protect Damien, the latter kills Ann by blowing up the Museum's boiler, which in turn apparently sets the Thorn Museum on fire.

The Final Conflict

The fire Damien caused in the Thorn Museum apparently burnt it down. Twenty years after the Museum's destruction, during what would appear to be a reconstruction attempt, a worker finds the Daggers of Megiddo in the rubble and takes them to sell.